John F. Rychlicki III

lllSeries:  LIQUID SPACE
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Series:  Mystic, Alien Desert, Fantastic Planet   Photography & Art:  John F. Rychlicki III

John F. Rychlicki III attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in New Jersey, and holds a B.A. in Religious Studies and has presented with the American Academy of Religion. While studying martial arts with a school of Zen Buddhist monks, John learned the art of Zen calligraphy – giving abstract form to the unseen force that binds all space.  Studying the full range of Christianity to Zen Buddhism, Martial Arts, & Yoga, the Paranormal and Metaphysical, Mr. Rychlicki’s research and published writings focus on the school of syncretism.

Mr. Rychlicki is an independent scholar, theologian, & artist.  Though he prefers to talk about classic films.  He is a well-rounded Renaissance man who delves into pursuits of knowledge and mystery from the arcane to the neoteric.  “Fantastic Planet” and “Alien Desert” series Photography by John F. Rychlicki III is a visual and thematic exploration while traveling and exploring our great country.

Fantastic Planet

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Alien Desert

Aperture: 2.4Camera: iPod touchIso: 80Orientation: 1
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