Planet Salv

With deepest respect and gratitude to the estate of  Stefan Wul, and to master artists Roland Topor and Rene Laloux for making the original vision possible…………..



39 years after the masterpiece film “FANTASTIC PLANET” debuted at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival,  Crucible PUBLICATIONS LLC ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF “PLANET SALV” in collaboration with Éditions Gallimard and Éditions Denoel Publishing.    PLANET SALV will captivate fans of the 1973 film FANTASTIC PLANET as the novel brings a new story with new characters back to the “Fantastic Planet!”


An advanced intergalactic alien species….a reclusive & xenophobic alien race….a strange moon with secrets….all return to the “Fantastic Planet.” 


PLANET SALV by John F. Rychlicki III (working under the pen name Joshua Seraphim) is a science-fiction tale of an advanced species discovering its unique place in the “First Generation Galaxies.”  The Salvs of “Planet Salv ” are an advanced humanoid species capable of extraordinary abilities including telekinesis, telepathy, consciousness transference, Psionics, and transliminality.  The Salvs share their world with the Opians, a xenophobic race, less advanced and suspicious of the strange Salvs.  Civilizations become at risk when the secrets of a mysterious moon, sacred to both Salvs and Opians are revealed in a stunning twist.

Copyright © 2014 John F. Rychlicki III Crucible Publications


Table of Contents

Chapter 1            Page 2                  Planet Salv

Chapter 2            Page 10                The Draags after Terr

Chapter 3            Page 11                Lattices of light

Chapter 4            Page 14                The Lost Planet

Chapter 5            Page 17                Seti and Tura

Chapter 6            Page 20                The Luminist Council

Chapter 7            Page 24                Seti’s Toola

Chapter 8            Page 29                Salv concupiscent meditation

Chapter 9            Page 38                Kwai and Juuri’s mindshift

Chapter 10          Page 45                Forbidding the IDRIS-11

Chapter 11          Page 58                The Time of the Tear

Chapter 12          Page 73                Orbital eclipse

Chapter 13          Page 83                The Fall of the Seven

Chapter 14          Page 100              Landing

Chapter 15          Page 113              Juno Occupation

Chapter 16          Page 120              The Camarilla collusion

Chapter 17          Page 128              Seti’s return

Chapter 18          Page 137              Red Vapor

Chapter 19          Page 147              Salvs and Draags

Chapter 20          Page 152              Opian convergence

Chapter 21          Page 159              Fantastic Planet conjunction

Chapter 22          Page 164              Floating Monolith Pyramids

Chapter 23          Page 171              Awakening


Where is Planet Salv?  Far beyond the farthest star you can see.  Along the innermost Rim of Hoag’s Object, an atypical ring galaxy, 600 million light years away in the constellation Serpens; a pale blue star illuminates the stellar expanse…a lone indigo sparkle hangs in the deep void, as the jewel of the First Generation galaxies.  Here, asleep for an unknown time, are the Salvs.

Planet Salv was an indigo sparkle in a far corner of the first generation galaxies.  Salv’s indigo sparkle reflected its blue star off the planet’s outer Febula rings, casting a reflective violet glow about the planet’s atmosphere at nightfall.  Salv had no natural satellite.  Salv’s sister world, which they called the “Lost Planet” hung low and radiant on the Salv horizon, never changing.  The “Lost Planet” never moved.  The timeless intruder in the Salvine sky had no natural orbit of its own.

An adult humanoid Salv reached up to a hundred meters high.  Deep red and indigo in skin tone, shimmering dusts of light glowed in fantastic displays along the skin.  Two lidless large penetrating golden eyes spiraled and reflected the starry cosmos during their chimerical meditations, and concupiscent rites.  Salv divi tentacles hung the length of their bodies where auditory lobes would be on many humanoid species.  Divis performed the function of sex organs and all sensory perceptions.  Salvs chose not engage in vocal speech, communicating clairvoyantly.

Salvs shared their fantastic planet with the Opians.  Co-habitation on Planet Salv was a unique situation for both races, each remained aware of the other’s respective existence and domain.  Opian brains were not as developed biologically on the evolutionary scale as their Salvic cousins.  Ranging several meters shorter than the average-sized Salv, Opians were also humanoid bipeds, like Salvs.  Opian skin hues ranged from light to darker shades of green.  A minority percentage of Opians were light green skinned with blue highlights in contrast to the deep red and violet Salv skin tones.

Opian and Salv societies had an unusual coexistence, each aware of the other’s civilization and levels of evolution.  Opian society was reclusive and had little contact with the Salvs; their culture was xenophobic yet voyeuristic concerning their Salv cousins.  Opians ranged up to several meters shorter than any Salv, both were bipedal, and humanoid, yet the Salvs possessed a sort of fluid glide in their movement due to the low gravity on their planet.  Opians sauntered and scurried often quickly and held their upper bodies and head down as if in deference to Salvs they might encounter.

Opians had large lidless red eyes adding to the characteristic of a shy curiosity to Opian facial structure and their gait.  Like their Salv cousins, the Opians were hairless and had two shorter divi tentacles hanging a quarter the length of their bodies where auditory lobes would be on many humanoid species.  Their shorter divis performed the function of sex organs and all Opian sensory perceptions.  Though not as different physically and biologically, Opians spoke vocally and had natural births resulting from sexual intercourse.   Artificial biodomes , smaller than Salvic biodomes, served as dwellings for hundreds of tribal affiliated Opians, each further broken down into toolas, or familial units.

Psilocybes glided noisily across the Salvine sky, their long snouts snorting and chirping, at each other, unaware of hungry cephalopods called Peyotoids hovering patiently above.  As the Peyotoids devoured their unsuspecting tasty prey, iridescent red Daturyte plants gurgled and chortled while towering psilozoyte plants fluttered and flapped.  Sentient plant life swayed raucously while Salvic beasts crawled, floated, and hovered, all emitting sounds that would astonish human ears.  Glowing mists floated beneath the indigo Salv horizon.

Millions of light years away, radiant red meditation spheres floated and drifted into the skies of Ygam, the Draag homeworld.  It had been nearly a generation since the Era of Sinh, the period of the Masters of Ygam.  Tiva was now a fully matured adult Draag.  She had come to hypothesize about her and her father’s role in the great peace between the Oms and Draags, facilitated by the Council led by her father, Master Sinh and her former domesticated Om, Terr.  It was the whirling reality of the Great Zarek that had shifted such a great evolutionary change in Draag civilization, Tiva realized.  She never saw Terr again after he left with her info bracelet when she was still a Draag child.  Father and Mother had forbidden her to meet with any Om until the relocation of nearly all the Oms to their artificial satellite, Terra.  By then Terr had lived out his human lifespan as Tiva matured into an adult Draag.

Tiva was not thinking of the Oms, nor were her meditations on the Oms or the dynamic evolutionary changes in Draag civilization.  For several seasons now, Tiva and her compatriot’s chimerical melding meditations were vivid, and yet troubling.  Tiva sat in meditation with her compatriots, their spirits encased by glowing red spheres.  The radiant red spheres rose high above their Uva into the skies of Ygam, drifting towards the Fantastic Planet.  For what was about to occur on the Fantastic Planet were strange nuptial rites, and the fate of the First Generation galaxies would change forever.

Night was somnolent blue on the Draag homeworld.  A single iridescent Draag mediation sphere rose and hovered…