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This is a photo illustration of a quiet night, a bright moon rising over the clouds illuminates the darkness, and a Barred Owl sits motionless in the blue moonlight. slight diffuse glow added to enhance scene. All my own components in this photo.

NOW ACCEPTING ILLUSTRATORS AND ARTISTS ::: PAID WORK ::: Needed for children’s book illustration and cover art. Email portfolio, samples of works, and inquiries to



“Orson the Wise Old Owl” – Johnny Rychlicki III

“The Great Turtle Race of Lake Parsippany” – Johnny Rychlicki III

“Land of the Fireflies: Book I – The Enchanted Forest” – Johnny Rychlicki III

“Land of the Fireflies: Book II – Invasion of the Bats” – Johnny Rychlicki III

“Land of the Fireflies: Book III – Grandma Owl’s Midnight Magic” – Johnny Rychlicki III

“The Stray Cat Society” – Johnny Rychlicki III

“The Adventures of Sammy the Silly Squirrel” – K.J. Isaacks